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During the summer, I am going to New York and South Korea for vacation with my family. I’m going to New York for five days and South Korea for one month. In New York, we’re going to many famous tourist attractions such as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, etc. In South Korea, we’ll be visiting our family members, staying at this fancy resort and my grandparent’s new apartment, going shopping, and we’ll also be going to get my moles lasered again. I’m hoping to get my hair done as well. Other than my vacations and trips, for the majority of the summer, I’ll be doing my math tutor, singing lessons, art lessons, golf lessons, and I’ll be getting a Korean tutor as well to help me learn Korean more fluently. Although I will be missing my friends, I’m extremely excited for the summer!

TME Week 5 & 6 Book Club Questions

  1.  One of the main characters throughout the story that was being courageous throughout the story was Peter because he had gathered everyone up together to be reunited with his sister again, and that to me, took a lot of courage.
  2. I look forward to my future and think of me being either a veterinarian or a chef in about 15 years. Those are my dream jobs, and I love being around animals, and although I don’t know how to cook yet, it has always been a goal of mine to accomplish.
  3. I give my book a 4 str rating because it was a short and sweet book, but I feel like it was a bit boring and the author could have added more excitement with a different plot, or more things the main character has to get past, cliff hangers between chapters, and more intensity. Overall, I do enjoy the theme and plot of the book, I can admit it has a good storyline and I like that they added many different things on the way to get to his sister such as the fortune teller, random people in line, the dream, the elephant, etc.

Week 3 & 4 Questions The Magician’s Elephant

  1. Peter is feeling hopeful with possibilities because he had meet the elephant, and figured out what the fortune teller meant by the elephant. Peter now knows what he needs to do to find out if Adele is alive or  not.
  2. I don’t think Adele behaved as a bully in the story, Peter had a dream of Adele crying in the room and he was surprised and confused.
  3. If anyone is being picked on or bullied I think they should go tell an adult about it, and not interfere with them by turning it into an argument and telling them or doing stuff that is also bad, it wouldn’t make anything better.

TME Week 2 Book Club Questions

  1. I think that Peter and Vilna Lutz would form a friendship because they are the main characters we had been introduced to. I think maybe later on Vilna Lutz may be able to understand Peter, and once they get to know each other more and become better friends.
  2. A friendship I thought seemed unlikely at first was when I saw this girl in class, and she looked a bit intimidating but then one day, we had been playing during recess and we were playing the same game so we went along with each other. Later on, we became really good friends and turns out that we have the same interests as well!
  3. In your opinion, do you think Peter and Vilna Lutz would have a better friendship later on? If so, why?

The Magician’s Elephant Ch. 1-3

  1. When I first started reading my novel, I enjoyed it, I like the story plot and where everything it’s going. I feel like I would enjoy finishing this novel because the book sounds very adventurous and mysterious already, and I’m satisfied with books like that.
  2.  I have met Peter Augustus Duchene, the main character who is a boy, I have also met his guardian, an old soldier named Vilna Lutz who is a man as well. I’ve met a fortune teller as well that Peter met, she is a girl. Vilna is a bit protective over Peter but won’t let him do or know too many things.
  3. What do you think Peter will do next? Why or why not?

Greetings from POPCS!

Hello Jimmie! It’s so nice to hear about everything over there. My name is Ellen, I go to Prince of Peace Christian School in Carrolton, TX. Our school was founded in 1980 and there are 632 students. Our average January temperature is 50℉ (10℃) and our average July temperature is 85℉ (30℃). Some major cities are Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and Fort Worth. Our school goes from babies 6 month old, all the way to high sch0ol. I’m so glad to get to know you! Have a wonderful day.
                                                                                              Sincerely, Ellen

100 Word Challenge #20

Finally, my time to shine. I have this extraordinary piece I’ve been practicing on my guitar, everything is going as I have planned. They call my name for me to come up, I walk slowly on to the stage while the bright spotlight shines on me. I start to play the song, but it sounds horrible! The crowd starts laughing. I look down to my guitar to see mustard between some of the strings. I just wanted to shove my guitar right onto the ground but I see something in the corner of my eye.. I see my best friend with mustard on her shirt.

100 Word Challenge #18

I had been looking for the key to my diary everywhere! I interrogated everyone in my family, including my little brother Ollie who always snoops through my stuff. He promised he didn’t do it, that’s the same thing my parents told me and I don’t think my parents would ever do such a thing. I was just starting to gain trust in Ollie until one day, I saw a key in his pocket. He doesn’t have keys for anything and shouldn’t have. There wouldn’t be a reason he should have one for something. He’s nine years old. The next day, I went to the park with him and he was running around while we were playing tag, then I saw something on the ground. A key dropped down on the grass right behind him.


The teacher finally dismissed us so we could finally get into our cars, and drive back home. I was dreading that day at school and I was so tired, especially because it was heavily raining outside. I saw my little brother in the car with my parents waiting to pick me up, and they all seemed so unusually excited as I wondered why. I went inside the car, and we didn’t take the usual route we take when we drive home, so I asked them where we were going. They said home in a casual way, so I didn’t expect anything. Then, we arrived at the airport as they all hollered, “SURPRISE! WE’RE GOING TO NEW YORK!!” and I was so shocked and confused I didn’t even know what to do or say. I was speechless. I was so happy, filled with this huge amount of joy inside of me. Once we arrived at New York, we needed to catch a ride. We decide to try to find someone who will take us and we found a yellow taxi. We got in, as we drove as we headed to our hotel, our hotel is called “The Grand Resort”. I was so ecstatic especially because it’s a luxury resort! Once we got there, we unpacked all of our luggage and decided to take that day as a rest. We rested that day and the next, we woke up and all went on a hiking trip to the mountains. We drove towards the mountains, the view was spectacular!! Everything there felt so alive, and I even saw this amazing waterfall! The weather was just perfect as well! I enjoyed my trip there, and I wish I could go  back there again!

First Interview

Welcome back to the MediaLab! This the first interview in the 6A group, I am interviewing Eric, and we had so much fun preparing for the interview! We first started off by picking certain questions to answer, and wrote on a piece of paper, what we were going to respond with. Mrs. Peterson then chose us different partners to interview each other with, and got one day to interview each other! The questions involved the topic of reading and books, and prepared what we were going to answer, then, later on, we moved to a spot where it would be quiet, and clicked the record button! During the whole entire process, we were prepared and ready for everything and had so much fun doing everything.